Membership and Organization



RNN membership is open to residents of Reading and/or those having close ties to Reading. Annual membership dues are $25 per member and are nonrefundable.


Executive Board (elected by membership annually)

RNN Officers (the Chair, Co- Chair, Assistant Chair,) Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach, and Member-at- Large) meet quarterly, or as needed, to focus on long-range planning and policy-related topics.

Steering Committee (appointed by Executive Board annually)

The RNN Steering Committee consists of RNN Officers and appointed Coordinators for Programs, Hospitality, Lend a Hand, Tech/Website, and Newsletter. This Steering Committee meets monthly to focus on RNN operational issues.

Officer Positions (elected by membership annually)

Chair: FACE OF RNN. Convenes Executive Board and Steering Committee; while coordinating decision making and resultant action of these two groups; welcomes new members and communicates news to the membership. Covers for Co-Chair or Assistant Chair as needed.

Co- Chair: MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR. Processes new member forms keeping lists up to date. Works with Webmaster when changes are needed to RNN website and undertakes other duties as requested by the Chair; Co-Chair is encouraged to run for Chair position after 1 year. Covers for Chair or Assistant Chair as needed.

Assistant Chair: INTEREST GROUP COORDINATOR and LIAISON TO NEWSLETTER. Provides Newsletter editing assistance to Newsletter Coordinator, interacts with Interest Groups leaders through two meetings per year and acts as their voice at Executive Board and Steering Committee meetings; keeps RNN website calendar up to date with Interest Group activities. Assistant Chair is encouraged to run for Co-Chair position after 1 year. Covers for Co-Chair as needed.

Secretary: Records and distributes minutes of Executive Board and Steering Committee; keeps attendance records; prepares name tags and assures that name tags are at events.

Treasurer: Prepares & presents budget along with accounting of previous expenses annually; approves expenditures and invoice payment; maintains revenue/expenses records; collect dues and assessments.

Outreach: Maintains awareness of and interfaces with agencies that work to benefit older adults; co- ordinates RNN information table at community events.

Member at Large: This person is encouraged to interact with different RNN groups throughout the year in order to bring any membership issues before the board. Participates in discussions that come before the board, provides a broader opinion from membership point of view. This person does not hold any other elected or appointed position in RNN.

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Coordinator Positions (1-year terms but may be reappointed)

Programs: In collaboration with RNN members and the Steering Committee, develop programs and procure speakers for monthly General meetings; coordinate needs/ information with Hospitality,Trea- surer, and venue.

Hospitality: Arranges for refreshments for monthly General meetings and social events; coordinates with Programs coordinator and Treasurer as needed.

Lend a Hand: Maintains lists of Lend a Hand categories and members signed up for those cate- gories; ensures that members are aware of Lend a Hand program and coordinators’ contact informa- tion; responds to requests for assistance; proactively contacts members who may need assistance.

Tech/Website: Updates and maintains RNN website as needed in coordination with liaison from Ex- ecutive Board; works to develop other resources as needed as requested by Board; takes the lead in educating RNN members on website and assists with technical issues.

Newsletter: Prepares and distributes monthly RNN Newsletter to include upcoming activities, Lend a Hand reminders, RNN announcements and other information as requested by the Executive Board or Steering Committee. Archives newsletters onto the RNN website with the Webmaster.

Adopted 2/12/2020